Issue 12

Interviews with Richard Godwin, Gilbert King, Conor McCreery, Laura McDermott, and Will Viharo. Visual Art by Andrés Pruna and Terry Wright. Fiction by William Auten, M.H. Burkett, Paul Colby,  T.C. Jones, Gary Porter, K.J. Hannah Greenberg, and Tony Press. Nonfiction by Anna Laird Barto, Sarah Pearsall, and Jeffrey Weinstock. Poetry by Chris Abbate, Sean Ball, Jonathan Duckworth, Roberta Feins, Ariel Francisco, Peter Grieco, Allison Joseph, Joseph Mills, Barbra Nightingale, and Pad Wadsworth. Welcome Betty-Jo Buro and Thomas Logan.

The Anaconda and the Toucan (Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 48")

Andres Pruna: The Anaconda and the Toucan (Acrylic on Canvas, 60″ x 48″)




LS submission flyer hi res001





  1. Tony Press says:

    It all looks good — some serious reading ahead. Thanks for inviting me to the party.


  1. […] Chris Abbate’s poem “Hartford, 1947” is published in the current issue of Sliver of Stone Magazine. […]

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