Bullet Dance, by Amanda Chiado

We like knives. They comprehend a body more intimately than the gun. Take it easy in silken fabrics that expose the lock-fist mechanism of the knee. Skirts are tragic. Men have a difficult time dealing with the circular movement inherent to the knee. Sex has everything to do with the legs, the length between you and the ground. Feel the cool magazine opened onto your summer legs. Fear and love are equally paralyzing masks. These are reasons why riding the bus must be done with legs crossed. Someday, you’ll know what it’s like inside, which bullets dance where, who is dining in and who is moving on.

Amanda Chiado is an MFA graduate of California College of the Arts. Her work is forthcoming or appears in Cease, Cows, Dressing Room, Exterminating Angel Press, Witness, Sweet, Forklift, Ohio, Best New Poets, Fence, Cranky, Eleven Eleven and others. She currently works as the Program Coordinator for the San Benito County Arts Council and she is also an active California Poet in the Schools. Most recently her family has grown from three to four with the addition of a handsome son, Gianluca.

Photo for Sliver of Stone


  1. Great stuff, Amanda.

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