Carlos Franco-Ruiz: Oil on Canvas

Carlos Franco-Ruiz was born in 1987 in Managua, Nicaragua. In 1988, as the civil war was winding down, his parents immigrated to Miami, FL. In 2011 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Miami. In 2013, he moved to Uruguay and continues to follow his passion for painting where he recently had a group exhibition “La Mirada del otro” at Museo de las Migraciones.


Knotted Vines (Oil on Canvas, 39″ x 39″)

During his latest exhibition, Carlos showcased a group of paintings from his series “Campo”, in which he painted the natural surroundings of his farm and town. He enjoys playing in the narrow space of realism and abstraction while applying it to his theme that revolves around idea of exploring the landscapes of our everyday lives.

Shrouded (Oil on Canvas, 39" x 39")

Shrouded in Veil (Oil on Canvas, 39″ x 39″)

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