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Dear Readers,

This is a letter I never imagined myself writing. Effective immediately, Sliver of Stone magazine is no longer accepting submissions for new issues, and is solely operating as an archive of our sixteen-issue journal. If you have submitted to us and haven’t heard back with a response, I apologize. Please feel free to submit your work elsewhere.

Sliver of Stone was a labor of love for me, our small staff, and the devoted editors who put it all together purely out of love for literature. Over our sixteen issues, we featured writing and interviews with such talented literary luminaries as Dan Wakefield, John Dufresne, Susan Orlean, Dinty Moore, Dorianne Laux, Paul Lisicky, Mark Vonnegut, Denise Duhamel, Lynne Barrett, Janet Burroway, Barbara Hamby Campbell McGrath and Joy Castro—and those are just a few of the many writers who published with us, some who’ve gone on to publish book-length collections, memoirs, and novels.

We will continue to operate as an archive for the next year, so there is still time to look back at what we were able to do in the time we were publishing before the website comes down completely. I’m proud of each and every issue, and hope you’ll love them too.

Please feel to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and you can contact me at Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

All My Best,

MJ Fievre
August 21, 2020

(Featured Image: Tunnels in the Wood, by Marsha Solomon)

Tunnels in the Wood