Damage Control

each time the lily folds
the moon flies to the edge

of the cosmos
stretching the canvas

rain pelts calla petals
wind tears pistil   distills

a scent   nectar of 

earth forms 
a lattice   a ladder

to the moon and

in the house next
door   a woman waters 

the flower until the flower
poems for her garden 

Constance E. Boyle (MFA, Goddard ’94) was born in Jersey City, NJ and resides in Arvada, CO. She writes poetry and short stories. Journal publications include Melusine and So To Speak (George Mason University), with poems forthcoming in PMS. Her chapbook, Double Exposure, placed first in the 2005 Plan B Press Poetry Chapbook Competition. Connie was a physician assistant in Community Health (Denver Health) for 28 years, providing primary health care to adolescents for the last 18 and an Associate Clinical Professor in the University of Colorado Dept of Pediatrics. Currently, she teaches creative writing to adolescents.

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