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  1. I read your guidelines and am a little confused: you “invite submissions” but “no unsolicited manuscripts”. Not quite sure what that means.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      We mean that we’ll only read manuscripts submitted during our reading periods. If you send us something after July 15, we won’t look at it.

  2. Karla Stover says:

    Assume there is no compensation.

  3. Thanks so much for publishing my story Zebras.

  4. Emily Glossner Johnson says:

    Thank you for publishing “The Tiger Earring”. It looks great on the site!

  5. Mohammed Yahia says:

    I’VE visited your website and I found it interesting,though I don’t get how exactly you choose the authors you made or will make interview with,how writers from outside of America can contact you….
    I’LL be grateful if you informed me.

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