Extracurricular, by Hector Duarte Jr.

Uh-oh! This story is no longer available.

Hector Duarte Jr. is a writer out of Miami, Florida. His work has appeared in Flash: The International Short Story Magazine, Sliver of Stone, Foliate Oak, Shotgun Honey, Shadows and Light: An Anthology to Benefit Women’s Aid UK, The Whimsical Project, Spelk Fiction, and HorrorSleazeTrash. Hector is a flash fiction editor at Out of the Gutter Online. He has presented papers at The Crime Fiction Here and There and Again Conference in Gdansk, Poland; the second and third Captivating Criminality Conferences in Corsham, England, and Theorizing the Popular at Liverpool’s Hope University. He loves his cat, Felina, very much.


  1. Well-written and very funny! Greatly enjoyed this story. 🙂

  2. I literally laughed out loud! Great read. :))

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