Iryna Lialko: Dreams, Silver, and Spring

Iryna Lialko was born in central Ukraine in 1981. At 15 years of age she attended the College of Arts, where she studied and was trained in painting, graphic design, history of the fine arts and other disciplines, resulting in a special grant to study art from the President of Ukraine. In 1997, at age 16, she participated in professional art exhibitions. From 2000 to 2006, she studied at the Ukrainian National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kiev, where she expanded her repertoire to include etching, lithography, engraving, bookmaking and illustration and graphic art. In 2004, she also began working in interior design and murals, creating murals in the Ukraine and other European countries.

Spring_Iryna Lialko_sm size

Spring (Oil, Canvas, Gold, 28″ x 22″)


In 2005 Iryna began working as a professional photographer. Since 2010, she has been active in performance art and the theatre, performing live shows involving drawing with sand and speed painting and creating hand-crafted costumes for the stage.

Silver dreams

Silver Dreams (Paper and Ink, 28″ x 19″)

Iryna has visited, performed, and participated in art exhibitions and competitions in 30 countries. During her travels she studies the local culture and the traditions in order to create more diverse and innovative art. Since 2014 she has been working and residing in the United States.

Spring dream

Spring Dream (Paper and Ink, 7″ x 10″)

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