Julia Meylor Simpson


tip tongue in salty rime
lift glass to lips
swallow sweet-thick burn
sing-hum a song you once knew
about a girl who could fly
let your eyes
drink in more than what is
touch the edge
and then
tip tongue in salty rime
let it dissolve
let it



                                              Jagged rage flicks overhead,
grumbles in primeval throat.
                                              Maddened cloaks of sea green
                                                         shroud tunnels of tall corn.
                                             Truck headlights skitter over
splintered cottonwood sentries.
You look back at rosy sunset,

then grind clutch,
spit gravel.


Julia Meylor Simpson lives in East Providence, RI, and works in corporate communications. Her poetry has been published in literary magazines across the country, and she was the recipient of a National Endowment of Humanities fellowship in 2006. She has an masters in teaching from Rhode Island College and a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism from Iowa State University.

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