Last September, Backlash Press published Darren C. Demaree‘s ninth collection of poetry, Bombing the Thinker.

This fantastic work does not just delineate a poet at the height of his powers, but more importantly shows a human deeply in touch with his humanity. It’s refreshing to read poetry by an author who I believe agrees the latter must always outweigh the former.
Michael Prihoda, After the Pause

Congrats, Darren!

(You can check out Darren’s contribution to Sliver of Stone here.)



Mark DeCarteret‘s Rye Harbor, August 27th 2005, which originally appeared in Sliver of Stone, was just published in the poet’s latest book For Lack of a Calling (Nixes Mate Books).

Kudos, Mark!


Congratulations to Chris Campanioni, Sliver of Stone contributor!

His brand-new novel Drift contains “Just One Line.”

In a letter to the editors, Chris writes, “In the summer of 2007 I began working as a news reporter at night and a model during the day. When I began writing Drift, I sought to write about the fashion industry, especially from the perspective of a Latino model, but I also wanted to write about the everyday reality of other children of immigrants, and immigrants, like my mother and father, and those who remain undocumented, in so many senses. Wrapped in an apocalyptic techno dreamscape that spans several years, multiple countries, and English and Spanish, Drift is an homage and a testimony of these people and these realities.”

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