Ode to Joy, by Martin Willitts

Ode to Joy (Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, 4th Movement)

This was intended to be the philosophy of love, but
over time, it’s become a song of intense revolution.
Its tempo is meant to jolt us out of our seat.
This is how I see you in the morning —
Jubilation! But you urge me
not to talk like this — Beethoven
could hear you talk this way.
Your pleas fall on my deaf ears.

Invisible music catches my heart, defines it.
I do not have to hear your music moving
to know it’s there. It’s like the coming dusk-light
or hundreds of crickets spilling out joy.
I never get enough of the singing
or the restless way you find comfort under sheets.


Martin Willitts Jr. is an editor for Comstock Review and a judge of the New York State Fair Poetry Contest. He won the 2014 Dylan Thomas International Poetry Contest; Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge, June 2015, Editor’s Choice; Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge, Artist’s Choice, November 2016, Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize, 2018.

He has over 20 chapbooks and 10 full-length collections. His forthcoming poetry books include  Nasturtiums in Snow Understand Green Is Coming (Foothills Press, 2018), The Uncertain Lover (Dos Madres Press, 2018), News From the Slow Country (Aldrich Press, 2018), and Home Coming Celebration (FutureCycle Press, 2019).


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