Poetry Pages #2, by Kimberly White

Mountain Pages (#2)
excerpts from Mountains, a book-length long poem


Do not use this word on a mountain. The mountain swats flies that are
stronger than you. Stubbornness does not move mountains, does not
conquer mountains.

Their stubborn bodies are recovered, removed, most of them. Once in a
while, the mountain keeps one. The gear they leave behind is buried, eroded, eaten. Conquered.

For those who never leave the mountain, resurrection will come at a colder pace.

The mountain does not choose its dead. It reluctantly receives.


Kimberly White’s poetry has appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Cream City Review, Big Muddy, Dark Matter, and other journals and anthologies.  She is the author of four chapbooks, Penelope, A Reachable Tibet, The Daily Diaries of Death, and Letters To A Dead Man; two novels: Bandy’s Restola, and Hotel Tarantula.  Find poetry and collage art on her website, http://www.purplecouchworks.com, as well as on Facebook, and various refrigerator doors.


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