Tammy Ruggles: Snow Tire, Snow World

Tammy Ruggles is a legally blind photographer living in Kentucky. She holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a Master’s in Adult Education/Counseling and has worked over ten years as a child protection social worker, a hospice social worker, and a mental health social worker.

Tammy Ruggles

Tammy Ruggles

She is frequently asked “How can you take pictures if you’re legally blind?” Tammy says her camera sees for her: she can identify the general blurry shape of something, and the camera captures what she can’t see. She uses a simple point and shoot camera, her 47-inch computer monitor, and sometimes a little guidance from whoever accompanies her on a photo adventure.

Tammy’s photographs have been published in art magazines and literary journals like Blacktop Passages, Floyd County Moon Shine and The Notebook. You can view her portfolio at http://tammyruggles.deviantart.com/gallery/.

Snow Tire

Snow Tire

Snow World

Snow World


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