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Dear Readers, This is a letter I never imagined myself writing. Effective immediately, Sliver of Stone magazine is no longer accepting submissions for new issues, and is solely operating as an archive of our sixteen-issue journal. If you have submitted to us and haven’t heard back with a response, I apologize. Please feel free to submit your work elsewhere. Sliver of Stone was a labor of love for me, our small staff, and the devoted editors who put it all together purely out of love for literature. Over our sixteen issues, we featured writing and interviews with such talented literary … [Read More...]

Corneas: A Lord Sort, by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

We do not say okay in Farsi, or fine or yes to the request of a loved one; we say chashm, so when Maman says, can you pick up parsley and cilantro for the stew, I say chashm; when my aunt says try these pastries, please, they are for you, I don’t like pistachios but I reach for the tray, chashm; dress warmly and crack the cardamom and do well in school, chashm; call me when you leave and when you arrive and when you stay and call me for no reason, chashm; and even when my unspoken response is no, not now, later, my affections for the inquirer press my tongue into this one syllable, … [Read More...]

The Day Before, by Trevy Thomas

As soon as my husband left, I opened the basement door and made myself enter the dark, sometimes moldy hole in the bottom of our home. I’ve lived in five houses with basements and avoided every one of them. This basement had become a storage place for the things we seldom used. I’d prefer that it remain empty so there would never be a reason to visit it, but my husband believes in storage. Now I had a reason of my own to need it. Most of the stuff that was piled around the edges of the small concrete cave would be useless: Christmas lights, a spare cabinet, collections of things that once … [Read More...]

Thomas Logan Interviews Kevin Joseph

Kevin Joseph grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was the light haired kid the teacher was always waking up from a daydream, who eventually realized those daydreams could be shared if he just wrote them down. He’s the Indie comic writer of Tart & UnderWars. Kevin was interviewed by Thomas Logan for <em>Sliver of Stone Magazine.</em> * <strong>What sparked your interest in writing comic books?</strong> I had been working on screenplays for a few years when I learned that, living in Fort Lauderdale, I was never going to get any of them read. Whether they were as … [Read More...]

With Her Own Blood, by Melinda Giordano

“By them there sat the loving pelican, Whose young ones, poison’d by the serpent’s sting, With her own blood to life again doth bring.” - Michael Drayton Hundreds of years ago, on a beach that perhaps no longer exists, a pelican was seen preening itself.  Watching the unwieldy beak pierce the feathered breast, this witness – with a typically medieval combination of romance and ignorance – believed that the creature was purposefully wounding itself, to feed its young with its own blood. The ferocity of parenthood - its mindless, intuitive courage, found a symbol on that forgotten, salty … [Read More...]

Cape Cod, by William Cass

I was already lying awake and waiting in the dark when my father came into the room that my little brother and I shared at the cottage.  My grandparents had been renting the same place since my father was young and they began coming over from their home in central Connecticut to Cape Cod for two weeks each summer; our family had been making the drive from ours in Ohio to spend one of those weeks with them for as long as I could remember.  I sat up on the edge of my twin bed and nodded when he put his index finger across his lips to keep us from waking my mother, baby sister, and grandmother.  … [Read More...]