Issue 13 EXTRAS

Because you cannot get enough of Sliver of Stone, here comes a special release: the “Issue 13 EXTRAS,” which includes interviews with crime fiction and comic books writer Alex Segura and poet Parker Phillips, an opinion piece by Jaquira Diaz, and a poem by Miami-based author M.J. Arlett.

While we continue “to provide for a web-based environment for literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art from around the globe,” in Issue 13 EXTRAS we are putting a special accent on authors with Caribbean ties, in order to celebrate the launch of the #ReadCaribbean program during the 33rd edition of the Miami Book Fair.

With the support of the Green Family Foundation, the FIU Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, and the John S. and James. L Knight Foundation and in partnership with Sosyete Koukouy, Bocas Literary Festival, and ReadJamaica, the Miami Book Fair —the nation’s finest and largest literary gathering at Miami Dade College (MDC)—presents ReadCaribbean, a series of extensive readings and panel discussions highlighting the vibrant and diverse literary culture of the Caribbean.

Happy reading!

Crime & Comics: 5 Questions for Alex Segura (Interview by Thomas Logan)
Parker Phillips: Survival and Creation Outside Academia (Interview by Yaddyra Peralta)

For Laura (Who Now Works Sixty-Five Hour Weeks), by M.J. Arlett
Jacqueline Bishop: 3 Poems and Madras Women (#ReadCaribbean)
Ketsia Theodore-Pharel: 3 Poems (#ReadCaribbean)
Geoffrey Philp: 3 Poems (#ReadCaribbean)
Ode to Your Wife, by Anjanette Delgado (#ReadCaribbean)

Bounce Theory, by Jacqueline Couti (#ReadCaribbean)
Purge/Porsche, by Danielle Legros Georges (#ReadCaribbean)
A Taste of Eternity, an excerpt, by Gisèle Pineau (#ReadCaribbean)
Bell Mouth Guns, by Sharon Millar (#ReadCaribbean)
That’s Not My Name, by Katia D. Ulysse (#ReadCaribbean)

November 2016: New Publications

*The ReadCaribbean authors listed here will be among dozens of authors from the Caribbean (and the Caribbean diaspora) who will participate in readings and other events at the Miami Book Fair this year.


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