Threnody, by Stuart Dischell

Dead set, dead center, dead end, dead weight,
Dead heat, dead on, dead ahead, deadline,

Dead lift, dead spot, dead language, dead meat,
Dead duck, dead lock, dead load, dead ringer,

Dead wood, dead pan, dead bolt, dead beat, dead
Calm, dead drop, dead eye, dead fall, dead head,

Dead knot, dead letter, dead air, dead on
Arrival, dead in the water, dead

Or alive, dead to rights, dead of night,
Dead of winter, dead to me, dead and gone.


Stuart Dischell is the author of Good Hope Road, a National Poetry Series Selection, (Viking, 1993), Evenings & Avenues (Penguin, 1996), Dig Safe (Penguin, 2003), and Backwards Days (Penguin, 2007) and the chapbooks Animate Earth (Jeanne Duval Editions,1988) and Touch Monkey (Forklift, 2012). Dischell’s poems have been published in The AtlanticAgni, The New Republic, SlateKenyon Review, and anthologies including Essential Poems, Hammer and Blaze, Pushcart Prize, and Good Poems. A recipient of awards from the NEA, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, he teaches in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Greensboro.

Check out Beneath the Blast, also by Stuart Dischell (Issue 5)

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