Irene Zion: Margot’s Voice Burned Away in the Fire

My daughter Margot died at birth. 
Her identical twin survived.
Margot comes to me in my dreams,
growing older along with her sister.

Margot’s Voice Burned Away in the Fire
Oil on Canvas


Irene Zion has had no formal training in painting. She has been in a show of Outsiders at the University of Southern Illinois, entitled: Visions Not Far From Normal, in 1997.  In November and December 2010, she was featured at Barrister’s Gallery in New Orleans, as part of an exhibit entitled: Like A Prayer: Reflections of a Twenty-first Century Feminine.

Irene Zion’s paintings are all oil on canvas.  She makes her own wooden frames in various ways, wood burning figures on them, painting them, taking a blowtorch to them, using found objects and paint together; each frame is an integral part of the finished painting and different from any other.  Irene paints people and animals exclusively.

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